Great question so lets break it down.  Post, framing, labour, is the same as a standard deck.  That just leaves the actually decking timber & fasteners.


If you nail a hardwood deck that is 12m2 you will need roughly 720 nails which will need to be drilled, nailed and punched.  The nails will need to be aligned with the joists to ensure straight nail lines.


Durability and lifespan of your deck is halved by this method, as it doesn’t allow the wood to expand and contract with the seasons causing the timber to split and twist and nails to pop.   This is when people wish they had gone with a ShadowDeck.


If you screw your hardwood deck that is 12m2 you will also need 720 screws.  As with nails these will need to be pre drilled and counter sunk to avoid spliting your decking timber.


As your deck is fastened from the top to each joist, it also doesn’t allow the timber to expand and contract with the seasons, again reducing the life of your deck in half.


A ShadowDeck 12m2 250 ShadowDeck fasteners, and provides a premium nail free finish using our ShadowDeck nail free timber decking system.  Our ShadowDome 140x21mm pre grooved decking allows the deck to expand and contract with the season.  ShadowDome decking also comes pre oiled, which extends the life of your ShadowDeck.


So when you consider your using less fixings, and extending the life of your deck, the answer is clear.  Nothing beats a ShadowDeck, the only nail free timber decking solution endorsed by BRANZ.