Which Shadowdeck™ Hidden Fastener is best for my application, 3mm or 5mm?2017-02-14T23:47:25+00:00

Usually 3mm is for decking as the gaps are tight and clean.   5mm is used for boardwalk applications where more ventilation is desired.  Get in contact with us today to see what is right for your next project.

How can I replace a previously installed Shadowdeck™ deck board?2017-02-14T23:48:27+00:00

To replace a board that has been previously installed with Shadowdeck™ Hidden-Deck Fasteners, use a reciprocating saw to cut all the Shadowdeck™ fasteners along the side of the board that is farthest from your house or building. Now carefully pry out the board, working from the side on which you cut the fasteners. Use a standard biscuit cutter to cut slots (kerfs) at each joist on the side of your new deck board closest to your house or building. Now install the new board, sliding the slots over the existing exposed Shadowdeck™ Fasteners. Fasten the opposite side of the new board using screws and plugs at each joist. Use the correct size drill bit and countersink and drive in the provided screw.

How do I install end-to-end boards (butt joints)2017-02-14T23:41:54+00:00

Biscuit cut your butt-end. Joins must always meet on a joist but end-joint biscuit adds strength to you join. Glue join with exterior construction adhesive is a good option for strength.

How many Shadowdeck™ Hidden Deck Fasteners do I get per box?2017-02-14T23:48:52+00:00

One box of Shadowdeck™ Hidden Deck Fasteners will give you 250 fasteners and 25 butt-end jointers.

How can I have a timber yard pre-groove my decking material to accept Shadowdeck™ Hidden Deck Fasteners?2017-02-14T23:53:08+00:00

It’s simple. Just ask at your local timber supplier and they will be able to help.

You can also phone us on 0800 SHADOW (0800-742369) or email us [email protected] and we will be happy to help

What kind of ventilation system must a deck have for Shadowdeck™ Hidden Deck Fasteners to work best?2017-02-14T23:54:05+00:00

Allow air to flow freely through the skirting, as well as below the deck. Ventilation is essential for a deck’s long term stability. Lack of ventilation prevents water evaporating quickly or draining through your deck, creating a constant source of moisture on the back of the deck boards. Moisture can lead to cupping with some brands of decking.

What thickness boards work best with Shadowdeck™ installation?2017-02-14T23:55:35+00:00

Shadowdeck™ Hidden Deck Fasteners work with boards 19mm to 40mm in thickness.

Our fasteners are also ideal for heavy-duty applications such as docks and boardwalks.

Can I see Shadowdeck™ Hidden Deck Fasteners in action?2017-02-14T23:56:32+00:00

Yes! We have a show deck in Titirangi. Please contact for an appointment to view.  Call us toll free on 0800 SHADOW (0800-742369) or email us [email protected]

How can I buy Shadowdeck™?2022-01-27T01:44:36+00:00

You can phone us on 0800 SHADOW (0800-742369) or email us [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Can we choose the size of gap between the boards on my deck?2017-02-14T23:50:07+00:00

Yes! We manufacture a 3mm gap or 5mm gap to accommodate your preference for the overall look of your deck. The 5mm Gap can be used on docks and boardwalks to enable flow-through of air, dust and sand.

Do Shadowdeck™ Hidden Deck Fasteners take a long time to install?2017-02-14T23:57:54+00:00

No! You will use 75% less fixing product saving you significant time and money.

Installation of our deck fasteners can be done smoothly, efficiently and hassle-free.

No nails or screws means that the elements can’t seep in to your exotic hardwood decking causing damage or making nails pop up, splintering the timber.

How do I calculate the total quantity of Shadowdeck™ Hidden Deck Fasteners required for my deck or project?2017-02-14T23:58:34+00:00

Simply calculate your square meter-age and as a guide – one box will cover 10-12 square metres of decking.

What screws are used?2017-02-14T23:50:33+00:00

Use the quality black powder coated, 50mm 6 gauge non split shank 308 stainless steel screws provided.

Are Shadow™ Hidden Deck Fasteners easy to install?2017-02-14T23:50:47+00:00

Very! Our hidden deck fasteners can be installed by one person. Any Kiwi DIYer will get a Pro finish using Shadow™ Hidden Deck Fasteners

Are Shadow™ products guaranteed?2017-02-14T23:51:00+00:00

Shadow™ Hidden Deck Fasteners are guaranteed with a lifetime replacement warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Are your Shadow™ Hidden Deck Fastener durable?2017-02-14T23:51:06+00:00

Shadow™ Hidden Deck Fasteners are the most reliable, long-lasting fasteners globally. They are manufactured and designed in New Zealand and made of high grade nylon as used in fence posts at vineyards and farms throughout New Zealand. They do not rust, are UV and chemical resistant. Under normal conditions they will last your lifetime.

What about cost? Aren’t Shadow™ Hidden Deck Fasteners more expensive than others on the market?2017-02-14T23:51:16+00:00

Shadow™ Hidden Deck Fasteners are THE original hidden deck fastening system in New Zealand. While they are not the cheapest product in the market, they represent the very highest standard of deck fastening quality you will find. They are a discerning investment for you and your family. Not only will your deck look perfect, but you, your family and friends will enjoy hours and hours of quality outdoor living over your lifetime. The perfect finish will add even more value to your home.

Why use Shadow™ hidden deck fasteners instead of screws and nails to build a deck?2017-02-14T23:51:30+00:00

Screws and nails often attract additional problems for you, such as splinters, gouges, hammer damage from installation and holes in your deck. Furthermore, screws and nails rust over time, and let moisture gradually seep into the wood, eventually leading to water damage. Shadow™ Hidden Deck Fasteners don’t rust, damage the deck boards and actually enhance the aesthetics, longevity and safety of your deck. They don’t stick up – enabling you, your family and friends to be barefoot when enjoying your deck.

Why Build a Deck?2017-02-14T23:52:17+00:00

The great Kiwi deck is synonymous with our relaxed, outdoor lifestyles, long warm summers, bbqs and most importantly – family and friends.  Decks are one of the most important features of New Zealand homes, beach houses, and businesses today.

A stunning deck enhances the value of your home and is an easy and convenient way to grow your total living space. Breathe that fresh air, feel the warmth of the sunshine and the totally smooth timber under your feet!

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